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My approach is straight talking with real listening; I don’t do management speak or offer off-the-shelf solutions.

My background as a Director reporting to the Board of FTSE Media Company and as a Founding Director of an Angel Investor platform means I can offer pragmatic solutions for today’s complex world; I don’t do management speak or offer off the shelf solutions.

Unlike many other similar organisations I measure my success as the delivery of business outcomes like profit improvement, ROI or new business wins alongside development goals like maintaining effective relationships when under pressure.

I enjoy helping everyone to flourish, however I have a particular passion for supporting leaders about to take the next step, media leaders, senior female leaders, and tech entrepreneurs.

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#How I plan to avoid the anxiety of New Year’s resolutions’....

7th January 2019

Plus three top tips.

Did you spend time Betwixtmas thinking about what you want from 2019?

The time between Christmas and the New Year, betwixtmas, is probably the only time when we are not besieged by emails and calls. It’s a beautiful, calm haven from which to consider all that went well in 2018 and what 2019 might have in store. It’s so rare to have a time like this that I found it scary meeting myself face to face for the first time in a while.

Does thinking about the year ahead make you excited, nervous, or both?

Social media can makes me feel doubly pressured to be fit, drink green juice, go to yoga, and be super career focussed at all times to be successful. So much to live up to. It’s hard not to feel anxious that I ought to be a better self, a better version of me.

Do you need to make significant changes everyday to avoid getting stuck?

We are all making micro changes every day, the tiny wins which take us forward.  We’ve kept ourselves alive and overcome all our very worst days to get to where we are today. So rather than designing a plan to be my best self in the future I am going to make an effort to celebrate who I am today.

I also recognise that too often my goals have been orientated around how others perceive me and not what makes me happy and fulfilled. This means that my 2019 New Years resolutions are going to centre on a quieter self improvement rather than winning or being the best. Which for those of you who know how competitive I can be is not going to be easy.

I’m going to move on from the memories of the things that went wrong in 2018; a talk to a large room of women where I waffled for England and meetings where I felt so out of depth I was silent for the most part. Crystalize the things that went well and felt purposeful; the growing impact of NorthInvest - see pic, coaching some amazing women, seeing the Yorkshire Maggies Centre take shape and helping some brilliant businesses accelerate their growth. And then shape new years resolutions recognising that I am already my best self, I just to make a few tweaks.

My new year resolutions

Add at least one thing that will help others to my daily do list.

2, Tell myself to lighten up, everyday.

3, Stop buying self help books until I’ve read the ones I’ve got.

4, Go outside everyday. (Could be a challenge today, the rain is beating down).



What I’m reading right now; The Discomfort Zone by Farrah Storr. A brilliant useful book for anyone who identifies with having ‘imposter syndrome’.

What I’m listening to; The Archers podcast to catch up with all the Christmas episodes. A comforting listen and a reminder that no-ones life is perfect.

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