I transform teams, individuals and organisations through executive coaching, development and consultancy.

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//                                      the why

// the why

We are in the middle of what is widely understood to be the fifth revolution

The world around us has never been so complicated and the days of being able to confidently predict the future seem a world away. Exciting and scary times!

The pressure to evolve fast enough without losing sight of the basics is a necessary, and relentless activity. In that environment it’s easy for people and businesses to start feeling a little lost.

I can help by providing the input you, your people and your teams need to be their very best; to grow their resilience, embrace disruption, diversity and develop beyond their current levels of competence.

And in a fast paced world I will work with you to identify what’s required to maintain a competitive edge, even when the challenges are considerable.

//                                        the how

// the how

My approach is straight talking with real listening; I don’t do management speak or offer off-the-shelf solutions.

My background as a Director reporting to the Board of FTSE Media Company and as a Founding Director of an Angel Investor platform means I can offer pragmatic solutions for today’s complex world; I don’t do management speak or offer off the shelf solutions.

Unlike many other similar organisations I measure my success as the delivery of business outcomes like profit improvement, ROI or new business wins alongside development goals like maintaining effective relationships when under pressure.

I enjoy helping everyone to flourish, however I have a particular passion for supporting leaders about to take the next step, media leaders, senior female leaders, and tech entrepreneurs.

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// the how

//                                                the how

I loved my 30 years experience in the media sector, I led the award winning teams at the i newspaper, The Yorkshire Post and The Scotsman as Chief Publishing Officer for Johnston Press.

Prior to that I was Johnston Press’ top performing Managing Director in six different regions. I’m now enjoying supporting tech entrepreneurs take all those exciting and difficult first steps on the road to success, a really diverse and rewarding role.

A common experience for me has been that  when leaders and teams start to really understand their own potential they can achieve great things. There have been many occasions where the teams I worked with have experienced what sports people would commonly express as being ‘in the zone’. That feeling that everything is coalescing in a period of time to generate exceptional results. And that’s what I will work with you to create.

What gets me out of bed in the morning is developing the people, teams and brands I am working with. Watching people grow in confidence, seeing teams start to work together cohesively and getting the results and plaudits
they deserve.

In my time I’ve worked with many great leaders; original thinkers, the courageous who made change happen and those who understood the value of true collaboration, I learned from them and appreciate the role they played in challenging my thinking. And that’s the approach I can bring to your teams and individuals, supporting them to be at their best.

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//                                   the results

// the results

I was introduced to Helen at exactly the right time, as I has reached a point in my career and my personal life when I was facing a number of challenges. Helen helped me to really understand my own strengths and how I can use those attributes to overcome those challenges, and in particular to be a better leader. Helen’s guidance and feedback has given me confidence to take the next step in my career. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others.

Sara Souyave
Associate Director & Head of Debt Recovery, at Shulmans Solicitors

“You inspired me to pursue my goals with hard work and dedication, but importantly, gave me approaches and techniques to deploy in "real life" business scenarios. These skills have ultimately helped me to be seen as a confident and trusted leader within a large organisation and will remain with me throughout my career.”

Sasha Mapes
Senior Sales Director,
Illiffe Media

“Our groups have enjoyed her key messages around building strong teams, remaining authentic and listening to a wide range of stakeholders. Members of our group have often remembered the power of input well after the end of the programme.”

Claire Bennett
Common Purpose

“I needed someone with the gravitas and ability to help me navigate my way through a very challenging time and thankfully she did that brilliantly. Her feedback is direct but sensitive to the situation presented and she can use her deep understanding of the commercial world to help you see what the picture should look like. I would not hesitate in recommending that you should work with her if you get the chance.

Graham Henry
Director of Ambulance Services,
St Johns Ambulance

//                                      the when

// the when

Are you senior executive who is considering coaching for an individual or team?

We all know how difficult it is to get the balance  right between evolving the strategy in a fast changing world, overseeing first class execution, managing a busy diary and developing your leaders to be able to take the next step. Coaching can help you by reaching the potential from promising executives or those who want to re-energise.

Here’s a quick check list of situations you may  be facing where a coach can help you fast track achieving your objectives;

// You recognise an individual who has shown promise however you are not able to spend as much time with them as you’d like.

// Your next career step means that you need to develop a natural successor.

// A previously high performer has peaked from their best and is struggling to re-find their mojo.

// You’ve appointed a new leader and want to provide them with every opportunity to succeed.

// You have launched a new project and have appointed leaders who may be working outside of their normal roles and comfort zone.

What other factors will influence the success of the coaching?

// You as their leader are genuinely supportive of the individual or team and are prepared to provide input during the coaching process.

// The individual or team have awareness of their future potential or development needs and are willing to engage in the process. In short they want to change.

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//                                           the when

// the when

Are you senior executive who is considering coaching for an individual or team?

We all know how difficult it is to balance getting  results in your current role, managing a busy diary and home life, and giving any time to your personal development.

Here’s a quick check list of situations you may be facing where coaching can help you:

// When you’re in a new role and looking to make an immediate impact

// You are seeking to advance to the next level in your career

// You’ve been appointed a project lead role outside of your traditional areas of responsibility.

// You feel that you’ve become stuck at your current level and are seeing other people advance.

// You want to gain some objectivity around what you really want from your career.

// You are facing some challenging corporate situations and are finding it difficult to navigate your way through them.

What other factors will influence the success of the coaching?

// That you are willing to engage in the process and want to change.

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//                                 the big thought

// the big thought

#Big Thought No. 7

How I plan to avoid the anxiety of New Year’s resolutions’....

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// get in touch

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